Whitfield House
Whitfield House
Built Circa Year: Built Circa 1910
Address: 305 Failla Road
National Register of Historic Places: Lafayette Historic Register Number 051
Historic Register Listing:Designated June 7, 2000

Whitfield House was built by Ambroise Begnaud around 1910. After only a couple of years, Mr. Begnaud sold the house to Blanchard Whitfield. The house remained in the Whitfield family for 86 years, and it was a wellrecognized French Acadian Cottage landmark on Moss Street for most of the 20th century, located at 401 Sophie Street. It was known as “the Whitfield farmhouse behind N. P. Moss School”. During recovery efforts from the devastating, Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927, the house was used as a shelter and a field hospital. In 1998 the house was moved to prepare the Moss Street farm property for a low-income housing development. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Young moved the house to its present location on Failla Road, and have kept the original historic design of the house intact.