Moss Building
Moss Building
Built Circa Year: Built 1906
Address: 557 Jefferson Street
National Register of Historic Places: Lafayette Historic Register Number 019
Historic Register Listing:Designated June 6, 1992

In 1906, the Moss Building was built at the economic center of Lafayette at a time when the local drug store counter was a social place to enjoy a soda, conduct business, or just keep up with the latest news. Dr. Nathaniel P. Moss’ pharmacy and drug store remained the center of local activity for most of the early 1900s. Many prominent businessmen in Lafayette were awarded their first jobs at Dr. Moss’ pharmacy. Among them were Judge J. R. Domengeaux, Jr., Joseph Francis, Mike Donlon, and Ray Cornay, who was the developer of Saint Streets neighborhood. For many years, local young ladies would arrive early to get a window seat at the pharmacy’s soda fountain tables in order to “see and be seen”. Today, as Downtown Lafayette enjoys more updated versions of social interaction such as live music, local art studio tours, and diverse culinary venues, the Moss Building remains an integral part of Downtown’s vitality. It retains its prominence of place, being located in the center of downtown activity, and it has been successfully adapted into commercial office space.