Mike & Andree Stansbury House
Mike & Andree Stansbury House
Built Circa Year: 1958
Address: 600 North Locksley Dr.
National Register of Historic Places: Lafayette Historic Register Number 103
Historic Register Listing:Designated November 19, 2015

The Mike & Andree Stansbury House is one of Lafayette’s early Midcentury Modern residences, significant within the context of architectural history throughout the United States, because it characterizes the technological advancements in construction materials as well as the two decades of economic prosperity that followed after World War II. Mid-twentieth century Lafayette was transformed by the oil and gas industry, and the resulting influx of newcomers, increased demand for new houses and new commercial buildings. Several architects in Lafayette embraced Midcentury design concepts, but only a relatively few clients were comfortable
with commissioning a Midcentury Modern style building. According to Dave Weinstein, a California Midcentury Modern Art and Architecture blogger, Lafayette can boast of an unusually large number of Midcentury Modern residences for a town of its size and its location. Mike and Andree Stansbury were successful entrepreneurs, progressive modern artists, and world travelers. They embraced the Modern Movement in both art and architecture and were actively involved in the design of their residence. Architect, Don O’Rourke, was commissioned for the design of their home.