McFaddin House
McFaddin House
Built Circa Year: 1904
Address: 351 Elizabeth Avenue
National Register of Historic Places: Lafayette Historic Register Number 092
Historic Register Listing:Designated April 18, 2013

McFaddin House is built in Snodgrass Addition Subdivision which was originally part of Charles Mouton’s Plantation and is now part of Sterling Grove National Register Historic District. The house on this property was built shortly after Thomas Theodore McFaddin purchased the property from George M. Snodgrass in early 1904. He purchased lots 14 and 16, which is the property along Chopin Street that extends from Elizabeth Avenue to the Evangeline Thruway. The purchase price for the property was $300. Thomas T. McFaddin lived in the house with his wife, Mary Eugenia Bradley of Selma Alabama. Many years after Thomas’ death, his brother, Robert H. McFaddin, purchased the property from Thomas’ widow, and he lived there until 1963. Thomas and Robert were sons of Judge Theodore Alexander McFaddin (1842-1916) who was the first Justice of the Peace in the town of Vermilionville, an office that first opened in 1880. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. McFaddin were also some of the original founding members of the Presbyterian Church of Vermilionville, organized in 1875. Robert H. McFaddin was unmarried and the proprietor of a corner grocery store that was located near Saint John Cathedral.