Louis J. & Amelia Arceneaux House
Louis J. & Amelia Arceneaux House
Built Circa Year: 1877
Address: 134 Rose Lane
National Register of Historic Places: National Register of Historic Places Published October 11, 2022
Historic Register Listing:Lafayette Historic Register Number 127 Designated November 17, 2022

The Louis J. & Amelia Arceneaux House was originally built by Louis Pierre Arceneaux as a French Acadian house. It was modified by Louis Joseph and Amelia Arceneaux into a Greek Revival style house almost 100 years later. A duplicate of the original French Creole house, built by the same Louis Pierre Arceneaux, is currently on display at Vermilionville Historic Village and is featured in this book on page 61. Both houses were built around the late 1790s. Later, sometime around 1877, this house was moved to its present location, off of Louis Arceneaux Road and modified. Louis Pierre Arceneaux who married Anne Bergeron, was born in Beaubassin, Nova Scotia, Canada in October, 1731. He was among the group of several Acadians, families of French-Catholic heritage, farming and raising cattle in Nova Scotia and expelled by the British in 1755. After the expulsion, they began a relocation to St. James Parish in South Louisiana. This group of Acadian ranchers subsequently signed an agreement with cattleman, Antoine Bernard D’Auterive of Spanish Colonial Louisiana, to raise cattle Near New Iberia. Louis Pierre Arceneaux later moved to the vicinity of Carencro in 1787.