Lafayette Wholesale Grocery
Lafayette Wholesale Grocery
Built Circa Year: 1926
Address: 333 Monroe Street
National Register of Historic Places: Lafayette Historic Register Number 102
Historic Register Listing:Designated February 19, 2015

After 1880, many businesses opened near the newly-built railroad depot. Lafayette Wholesale Grocery Company Warehouse is significant because it is one of the few remaining buildings of its type, that represents Lafayette’s transformation as it grew from a small frontier village to a modern center of distribution and services for the Atakapa region. This masonry and timber building is historically significant because it typifies the commercial style warehouses built in Lafayette during the early 20th century. Lafayette Wholesale Grocery Building was built on property that had been sold by the Lafayette Lumber Company. Today, it serves as “live-work” apartments for artists. Architect Glenn Angelle carefully designed details to respect and showcase the historic elements of the building. Careful placement of new construction allows the original structure to remain visible. A modern storefront entrance fits the geometry of the original warehouse door at that opening. A narrow overhead door, used in the original building, has no use today, but remains in place as an historic aesthetic.