Judice Middle School
Judice Middle School
Built Circa Year: 1929
Address: 2645 South Fieldspan Road
National Register of Historic Places: Lafayette Historic Register Number 091
Historic Register Listing:Designated March 21, 2013

The original Judice High School, now called Judice Middle School, was named for Mr. Alcide Judice, a businessman from Scott who contributed to various causes in Lafayette Parish, most notably education. One of his goals was to provide better schools in the rural parts of Lafayette Parish. He transformed rural schools from the one-room school house style to a school was provided by horse-drawn wagons. For rural students, breaks from school were scheduled to coincide with planting and harvesting schedules on surrounding farms. Other breaks were provided at the beginning of a particular hunting season. In the early 20th century, designs for public school buildings were often inspired by Ivy League university buildings, and which is why the style is called Collegiate Gothic. The design of Judice Middle School uses architectural imagery, blending Renaissance architecture with traditional Jacobean English elements and embellishments. The influences of these styles can be seen in the double-story pilasters, the symmetrically arched brickwork, openwork parapets, and ornamental details such as urns, scrolls, straps, and lozenges.