Herbert Heymann House
Herbert Heymann House
Built Circa Year: 1970
Address: 111 Girard Park Drive, Number 28
National Register of Historic Places: Lafayette Historic Register Number 126
Historic Register Listing:Designated June 17, 2021

Herbert Heymann House was designed by A. Hays Town, Master Architect. Town practiced in the southern United States between 1926 and 2005. During the later years of his career, he designed mostly single family residential homes and developed a unique regional vernacular residential style for South Louisiana. Architecturally, Herbert Heymann House is an intact example of A. Hays Town’s signature South Louisiana architectural style, heavily influenced by Spanish and French colonial architecture and Town’s unique interpretation of South Louisiana construction. Herbert Heymann House features Town’s rich French Creole-inspired architectural elements such as classical proportions and symmetry, tall ceiling heights, double galleries across the front façade, traditional wood windows and doors, shady courtyards, and a prolific use of old brick, weathering with the elements on the exterior and hand waxed with beeswax on the interior. The house is named for its original owner, Herbert Heymann, son of Oil Center developer Maurice Heymann and Germaine Rosenthall Heymann. Herbert made significant contributions to Lafayette’s recreation, sports, and education, especially at his alma mater, UL Lafayette.