Dauterive House
dauterive house
Built Circa Year: 1919
Address: 117 Caillouet Place
National Register of Historic Places: Lafayette Historic Register Number 042
Historic Register Listing:Designated March 3, 1996

Like the Caillouet House located across the street from this property, the Dauterive House faced Jefferson Street when it was built. In 1945, after Jefferson Street became more commercial and less residential in use, Dauterive House was relocated next door to the original lot and turned to face the side street. It was originally designed during the Craftsman Movement as an American Foursquare, popular during the early 1900s. It was built by Mr. Saint Paul Bourgeois as a wedding present for his daughter, Hilda Bourgeois, when she married Mr. Laurent Joseph Dauterive. Two years prior to their marriage, Mr. Dauterive established Dauterive’s Furniture in Lafayette. The store remained a successful and prominent business for most of the 20th century. This house has 2.5 stories, and is constructed entirely of antique cypress with solid, double-maple wood flooring. It was the Dauterive’s home for 31 years before being adapted for commercial office space. In 2021 was further adapted into a health care clinic.