Circa 1901 House
Circa 1901 House
Built Circa Year: 1901
Address: 523 Saint Julien Avenue
National Register of Historic Places: Lafayette Historic Register Number 075
Historic Register Listing:Designated September 17, 2008

This small Victorian dwelling was originally built on Second Street by the Southern Railroad Company for a resident named Mrs. Quinlan. It was designed in the typical Victorian layout with simple, Victorian architectural adornment. The design shows how industrialization, the mass production of wooden architectural adornments, and the ability to economically transport the architectural fabrications via railroad, changed the type of house construction that could be afforded by the working middle class. In 2005, this house was moved to its present location by a new owner. After the move, the house was rehabilitated and furnished with many reproduction fixtures, carefully matching the Victorian decor. The exterior color scheme of pastel pink and cream is characteristic of this type of Victorian architecture. Original windows, exterior doors, claw-foot bathtub, and wooden floors were carefully retained during the building’s rehabilitation.