Pollingue-Brown Town house
Pollingue-Brown Town House

Pollingue-Brown Town house

Built 1927
323 East University Avenue
Lafayette Historic Register Number 049
Designated October 7, 1998

Pollingue-Brown-Town House is a Spanish Revival residence that also combines decorative elements from the Italianate and Federalist styles. It serves as a good example of the eclectic designs of the Revivalism architectural movement, fashionable in the United States around the turn of the 20th century. Pollingue-Brown-Town House is located across from UL Lafayette at Hebrard Boulevard on East University Avenue. The building name honors the original three owners, those who are most associated with the history of the house. Maurice Pollingue, Piano Professor at SLII, built the house as his family home in 1927. Prior to his building this house, he built a family home in Elmhurst Park neighborhood, featured on page 99 of this book. The second owner, Robert E. Brown, was the University’s Head of Athletics during the 1940s. The third owner was Joseph Harrell Town, brother of Albert Hays Town, the beloved Louisiana architect noted for developing the “Louisiana Style” that gained so much popularity in the 20th century. The Town family was well known for their success as builders, architects and artists. Joseph Harrell Town owned the house from 1950 to 1997.