Louis Arceneaux House
Louis Arceneaux House
Built Circa Year: Built Circa 1840
Address: 300 Fisher Road
National Register of Historic Places: Lafayette Historic Register Number 061
Historic Register Listing:Designated February 17, 2005

Originally built north of Lafayette near Carencro, this house served as the main building of a large cattle ranch known as “Beau Bassin” and owned by Louis Arceneaux and his family. The house is a fine example of the French Creole style dwelling developed by French settlers for comfort in the hot and humid climate of South Louisiana. It was built with using a colombage and bousillage method of wall construction, the early method of construction for rural homes in South Louisiana. Placement of fireplaces in French Creole homes were originally on an interior wall as they had been in France and Nova Scotia. However, in the Gulf Coast region, many cold nights turn into warm days. And, as is the case with Louis Arceneaux House, later homes situated fireplaces on exterior walls to allow more heat to escape as the sub-tropical Acadian sun warmed the house. This later adaptation of French Creole architecture became widespread as Acadian settlers understood the Gulf Coast climate. In 1988, the Louis Arceneaux House was donated by Louis Arceneaux’s descendant, Dr. Thomas Arceneaux, and it was moved to Vermilionville Historic Village. There have been no major renovations made to the dwelling since its construction over one hundred and seventy years ago.