L. O. Clark House
Built Circa Year: Built 1927
Address: 112 Clark Court
National Register of Historic Places: Lafayette Historic Register Number 034
Historic Register Listing:Designated October 5, 1994

L. O. Clark House was originally constructed with a Spanish tile roof, and therefore Spanish Revival is considered the more prominent style of this house. It was designed with an eclectic mix of English Cottage and Spanish Revival elements. It was the first home built in Arbolada and was built by one of Arbolada’s four original developers. Arbolada was a subdivision inspired by the “garden cities” of England in the late 19th century. It was the first fully-designed and fully-planned development in Lafayette. The subdivision covenants specified design parameters, and prohibited the removal of existing trees. It also imposed a minimum cost of construction. The subdivision was originally planned as a development of homes with Spanish Revival and English Cottage themes. However, the Great Depression of 1929 resulted in bankruptcy for the developers, and therefore only the first four homes were built with the developers’ vision. Dr. L. O. Clark, Lafayette’s first board-certified surgeon, envisioned this small subdivision to be a neighborhood for doctors, professors, and other professionals.