Built Circa Year: Built 1927
Address: 204 Versailles Boulevard
National Register of Historic Places: Lafayette Historic Register Number 050
Historic Register Listing:Designated October 7, 1998

Groheim was built for Mr. J. Alfred Mouton, II and his wife, Irene Barry Mouton. Mouton was a significant real estate developer and prominent businessman in Lafayette. His financial influence helped shape Lafayette’s growth throughout the first half of the twentieth century. He is credited for the development of 1928 Souvenir Heights Subdivision using the property inherited from his maternal grandmother, Mrs. Gertrude Scranton Judice. The house was built with labor and materials provided by J. Alfred Mouton’s cousins, P. J. Voorhies and J. B. Mouton, the original owners of the well-known Lafayette firm, J. B. Mouton Construction, LLC. Many of the original “Governor Mouton Camellias” and large Live Oak trees still grace the property. In 1996, Mouton heirs sold Groheim to the owner for whom it is now named, William Carl Groh, III, a Lafayette native and internationally-known painter. He is highly regarded for his portrait paintings, including the portrait of His Eminence, Cardinal Avery Dulles, S. J. and also the portrait of former President of France, Jacques Chirac. Mr. Groh’s masterpieces have been featured at Sotheby’s and are hung in notable galleries like the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.