Frank Jeanmard House
Frank Jeanmard House
Built Circa Year: Built Circa 1910
Address: 202 Dunreath Street
National Register of Historic Places: Lafayette Historic Register Number 88
Historic Register Listing: Designated October 18, 2012

Frank Jeanmard House is named for the man who built the house. He and his family owed the house for 101 years. Frank Jeanmard, brother of Bishop Jules Jeanmard, was President of Home Savings and Loan Association, which first opened in Lafayette in 1908 and now operates as Home Bank. Mr. Jeanmard was employed there for the entirety of his career. He built this family home for durability by constructing the walls, floors and ceilings using tongue and groove cypress. The Jeanmard’s youngest daughter, Anna Marie Jeanmard Thibeaux, recalls that her neighbors sought shelter during hurricanes at her parents’ house, knowing the durability with which the house was built. The house is designed using Victorian architectural elements such as the asymmetrical façade, multi-gabled roofline, wrap-around front porch, corner sun room, and decorative window trim. When the property was sold to John Azar in 2011, he found on the property, the original water trough used by the family’s animals. Like many of Lafayette’s early subdivisions, Elmhurst Park was intended for suburban life when it was customary for people to own chickens and a milk cow and also a horse instead of an automobile.