First United Methodist Church
First United Methodist Church
Built Circa Year: Built 1925
Address: 703 Lee Avenue
National Register of Historic Places: National Register of Historic Places: Published June 21, 1984
Historic Register Listing:Lafayette Historic Register Number 005: Designated November 1, 1990

First United Methodist Church is among only a handful of remaining buildings in Lafayette Parish built in the Classical Revival style. In 1924, funds were raised to construct this building, largely with the generous assistance of patron, Mrs. Elisabeth Denbo-Montgomery. She was a local philanthropist and the daughter of the original owners of the DenboMontgomery House. Several early members of the First United Methodist Church were also prominent civic leaders in Lafayette, including Eloi Girard, Harold Demanade, J. J. Davidson, Jr., and the Ben P. Paxton families. The earlier church building, constructed around 1858 on the corner of South Washington and Congress Streets had pews, pulpit, altar chairs, and pump organ that are now used in the Classical Revival Church building. The pews are in the balcony and in the choir loft, and remaining items enjoy the same use as in the former church.