Dr. John & Edith Miles House
Dr. John and Edith Miles House
Built Circa Year: Built 1948
Address: 614 Calder Street
National Register of Historic Places: Lafayette Historic Register Number 70
Historic Register Listing:Designated September 21, 2006

Dr. John and Edith Miles’ Colonial Revival house was built with salvaged lumber from the original French Creole structure on the site and with additional lumber taken from barracks discarded at Fort Polk. Dr. John and Edith Miles House is one of several well-maintained historic properties in Elmhurst Park historic subdivision. In 1938, the property was sold to Dr. Miles’ wife, Edith de Gravelle Miles. At that time, the home was a single-story French Creole structure facing Saint John Street. In 1948, the original house was completely reconfigured, the entrance was changed to face Calder Street, and the structure was enlarged to its present size. A bomb shelter that is still intact today, was also built on the property. It is one of several underground shelters in Lafayette, all of which were built during the Cold War era in response to a prevailing fear of a missile attack by Communist USSR. The house remained in the Miles family until 1981.