1304 Saint John Street House
1304 Saint John Street House
Built Circa Year: Built Circa 1911
Address: 1304 Saint John Street House
National Register of Historic Places: Lafayette Historic Register Number 033
Historic Register Listing:Designated July 6, 1994

The house is a well-preserved fully-shingled Craftsman Bungalow that features a fully-shingled porch enclosure. It is the only one of this type that exists in Lafayette. The house was built by Samuel J. Leblanc and Gabrielle Guchereaux Leblanc around 1911 on property that was purchased from George T. Hedges, developer of Lafayette’s historic Elmhurst Park Subdivision. The Shingle style is a distinctly American development in Victorian architecture. Since the cost of shingle siding is slightly above the means of the average homeowner, the style quickly became noted as a high-fashion style and has remained relatively rare. It is now a highly-prized architectural attribute. Shingle Craftsman residence was first made popular in New England, mostly at seaside resorts. Architectural firm, McKim, Mead and White, and also Architects Peabody and Stearns were the two notable firms during the late 1800s that helped to popularize the Shingle style. They received large-scale commissions for “seaside cottages” from wealthy clients in such places as Newport, Rhode Island and the village of East Hampton on the southeastern tip of Long Island. Most of the remaining Shingle-style buildings have become beloved, protected historic assets within their communities.