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Increase citizen awareness, appreciation, and participation in the preservation of the historic and cultural characteristics of Lafayette, Louisiana.

We practice the following priorities:

1. Serve as a community historic preservation resource center

2. Work as a public voice in the time of preservation “crisis”

3 .Work with individuals and groups to spearhead neighborhood preservation issues

4. Sponsor fundraising activities to preserve targeted local historic districts and properties

5. Take responsibility for public education on preservation issues through the use of published articles, tours and promotional activities

6. Monitor local government and private development actions that affect cultural and historic resources

7. Work in conjunction with other local, municipal and state organizations to build a strong and united preservation support network

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Historic Preservation Alliance

Preservation Alliance of Lafayette

Work to encourage the preservation of our historic architecture and maintain attractive historic neighborhoods.

Assist historic property owners with restoration, rehabilitation and adaptive re-use, using US National Park Service Historic Preservation Guidelines

Promote historic and cultural preservation within the Lafayette community, increasing citizen awareness, appreciation, and participation.

Hours & Info

8:00AM - 5:00PM
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